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WE ARE IDAHO! Associated Logging Contractors Inc represents close to 470 Independent Logging Contractor businesses from across Idaho

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The Associated Logging Contractors (ALC)

Formed by loggers and log truckers in 1966 for the purpose of developing programs that are instrumental in helping members to reduce costs of operation and to craft creative solutions to problems confronting the industry. By working together and with others, ALC has been successful in defining the issues, providing solutions to vexing problems and building coalitions that successfully implement these solutions.

470 Independent Logging Contractor businesses from across Idaho

Single Owner – Operator Companies

267 (57%)

Employ between 1 and 5 additional people

135 (29%)

Employ between 6 and 15 people

52 (11%)

Employ over 15 people

16 (3%)

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8 Years Growth

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