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Weekly WrapUp 7/17/24

RISING COSTS: Lumber industry in crossroads with changing economy. MORE HERE

COMPLAINT: Land use coalition sues over new BLM rule. MORE HERE

MIKE ALBRECHT: A better understanding. MORE HERE

EMBER PROJECT: This University of Idaho research could change how we manage our forests. MORE HERE

Weekly WrapUp 7/10/24

HIGHWAY 95 HAZARDOUS FUELS PROJECT: North Idaho forests get $4.8M investment in wildfire mitigation. MORE HERE

CHANGES AT IDAHO’S DMV: $5 online license renewal discount, eight-year CDL and more. MORE HERE

ONLINE DASHBOARD: Idaho offers alerts to carriers of driver record changes. MORE HERE

PUSHBACK: Congressional Republicans target EPA rule. MORE HERE

TRAINED SHOOTERS: To save spotted owls, US officials plan to kill hundreds of thousands of another owl species. MORE HERE

KAMIAH: Molly Ryan joins Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests as acting forest supervisor. MORE HERE

Weekly WrapUp 6/26/24

FOREST MANAGEMENT: Nez Perce-Clearwater Forest Supervisor Cheryl Probert announces retirement. MORE HERE

JUDICIAL RESTRAINT: Supreme Court to hear critical case on NEPA’s scope and application. MORE HERE

RED TAPE: Biden administration old-growth forest proposal doesn’t ban logging, but still angers industry. MORE HERE

SURVEY SAYS: US logger survey identifies industry’s headwinds. MORE HERE

Weekly WrapUp 6/19/24

LABOR: In North Idaho, skilled workers are in demand. MORE HERE

GRIZZLIES: IDFAG describes two grizzly bear-related incidents in Idaho this month. MORE HERE

FEDERAL ASSISTANCE: Wyoming, Idaho congressional delegations urge swift action on Teton Pass. MORE HERE

LONG HAUL: Montana forest products industry looks to diversify its products. MORE HERE

Weekly WrapUp 6/12/24

FOREST MANAGEMENT: Healthy forests provide clean and abundant water. MORE HERE

STUDY: Frequent, low-severity fire supports habitat for threatened owls. MORE HERE

HIRED: Heath Perrine named deputy forest supervisor of Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests. MORE HERE

WILDLIFE: Idaho advocates worry about politicization of endangered species. MORE HERE

CARRYOVER FUEL: National Interagency Fire Center predicts high risk wildfire season for Idaho. MORE HERE

Weekly WrapUp 6/5/24

ECONOMIC RISKS: Forest Service estimates costs of fighting wildfires in a hotter future. MORE HERE

WORLD FIRST: A tiny satellite made from wood is actually going into Earth’s orbit. MORE HERE

AFRC PODCAST: US Forest Service program invests in wood innovation. MORE HERE

VIDEO: Montana US Senator raises ‘real concern’ over wildfire mitigation to Forest Service Chief. MORE HERE

Weekly WrapUp 5/29/24

MECHANICAL THINNING: Thinning the blaze — enhancing forest resilience. MORE HERE

GROWING CONCERN: Most PNW wildfires are caused by humans and it’s getting worse. MORE HERE

DRIVER SAFETY: These states lead the nation in truck accidents — you might be surprised how many there are. MORE HERE

GOOD FIRE, BAD FIRE: Inside the race to restore America’s forests. MORE HERE

Weekly WrapUp 5/22/24

MUTUAL BENEFIT: American Loggers Council signs historic memorandum of understanding with the USDA Forest Service. MORE HERE

SENATOR RISCH BILL: Mass Timber Federal Buildings Act opposed by steel industry organizations. MORE HERE

NEW PLAN: Nez Perce-Clearwater Forest meeting leaves conservationists uneasy. MORE HERE

ECONOMIC RISKS: Forest Service estimates costs of fighting wildfires in a hotter future. MORE HERE

Weekly WrapUp 5/15/24

TIGHT OPERATING MARGINS: Timber industry warns Plummer mill closure has grave implications. MORE HERE

KOOTENAI COUNTY ON THE LIST: Forest Service announces Forest Legacy 2024 funded projects. MORE HERE

41ST ANNUAL: Idaho State Forestry Contest winners announced. MORE HERE

PARKED VEHICLES: New Idaho law OKs truck idling for resting drivers. MORE HERE

FACTORY OF THE FUTURE: World’s biggest 3D printer builds (almost) anything from wood! MORE HERE

Weekly WrapUp 5/1/24

RADICAL AGENDA: Lawmakers to examine influence of ‘extreme’ environmental activist groups in the Interior Department. MORE HERE

VIDEO: Inside America’s mass timber movement. MORE HERE

USFS CHIEF: All signs point to a very active 2024 fire year. MORE HERE

IDAHO FOREST PRODUCTS: Senators introduce mass timber bill. MORE HERE

30 MILLS: Mill closures ‘shock’ industry, but officials say demand for wood remains. MORE HERE