Forestry Info

American Forest & Paper Association

The American Forest & Paper Association is comprised of nearly 200 forest-owning and manufacturing companies across America. The website provides current information on the forest products industry and forest environment.

Forest Resources Association

The mission of the Forest Resources Association is to promote the best interests of wood fiber suppliers and consumers in the economical, efficient, and sustainable use, and stewardship, of forest resources to meet wood fiber needs through private enterprise.

‍Pacific Logging Congress

The Pacific Logging Congress‘ mission is to fulfill the need to provide sound technical education about the forest industry. Founded in 1909, the Pacific Logging Congress seeks to educate politicians, educators, students and the general public about the need for sound responsible forestry to supply global needs for wood fiber.

‍University of Idaho – Extension

The University of Idaho Extension Forestry website is a useful tool for the management of forested lands.

‍Idaho Forest Products Commission

The Idaho Forest Products Commission is committed to providing information that leads to balanced, responsible management of Idaho’s economically vital public and private forests.

‍National Alliance of Forest Owners

The National Alliance of Forest Owners (NAFO) protects and enhances the economic and environmental values of privately-owned forests through targeted policy advocacy at the national level.

‍Idaho Forest Owners Association

The Idaho Forest Owners Association is an alliance of forest owners dedicated to the management,  use and protection of private forest resources in Idaho.