Pro-Logger List

This list is continually updated as loggers register, complete initial courses, and report continuing credits. With this in mind, it is important to recognize that this list is a “snapshot” in time. For the latest updated information on an individual or company, please contact the ALC office at (208) 667-6473, toll-free at (800) 632-8473 or email

Searching for a name? To search for a name from a desktop computer, please open the list, and hit the Ctrl key and the F key at the same time. This will bring up a search box, where you can then enter in the name you are looking for. If the name exists on the list, it should appear highlighted on the screen.

Initial accreditation in the Idaho Pro-Logger Program is established when the core components are completed and an application into the program has been made. Once accredited, the participant in the Idaho Pro-Logger Program must complete 12 continuing credits, 4 of which have to be the OSHA required Logging First Aid & Safety class, each calendar year to retain accreditation status. While most courses for continuing credits are available and completed in the spring of the year, there are classes available year-round and accreditation status can change.