The Evergreen Foundation

The Evergreen Foundation is a non-profit forestry research and educational organization that seeks to advance public understanding and support for science-based forestry and forest policy by providing clear and concise facts and commentary. The Foundation’s Evergreen Magazine is a periodic journal with a 30-plus year history of advocating science-based forest policy.

‍Loggers World Magazine

Loggers World launched in October 1964. Through the years, there have been many changes in logging, logging machinery, and ups and downs in the logging economy. Loggers World has a solid reputation of being a magazine that has a positive outlook.

‍Log Truckers

Log Trucker is a regional publication devoted to Western United States log trucking and wood products operations. Log Trucker is the only publication dedicated solely to the woods transportation industry and is recognized as the buyers source for trucks, truck equipment, parts and components.

Timber Harvesting

Published 6 times a year, Timber Harvesting is known for its editorial integrity and depth, equipment and business information, commentary on U.S. wood fiber supply chain and a close alliance with the American Loggers Council.


TimberWest has been on the cutting edge of mechanized harvesting and wood processing technology in America’s largest forestry market since 1975.