Government Agencies

Idaho Small Business Solutions

This site will help you start or grow your business. New to business or to Idaho? Start with the Business Wizard. It will give you a customized checklist of local, state, and federal regulations that affect your business. You will also find information on licenses and permits that you might need, as well as information on registering your business in Idaho.

‍US Forest Service

The phrase “Caring for the Land and Serving People” captures the Forest Service mission. As set forth in law, the mission is to achieve quality land management under sustainable multiple-use management to meet the diverse needs of the people.

Bureau of Land Management – Idaho

The 12 million acres of public land the BLM manages in Idaho support a diversity of fish, wildlife and plant species that together represent a resource and a use of public lands.

‍Idaho Trucking information

This one-stop website provides trucking resources for the State of Idaho and information pertinent to operating a commercial vehicle in Idaho.

Idaho Department of Lands (IDL)

Following the directives of the State Board of Land Commissioners, the Idaho Department of Lands carries out the daily management of 2.4 million acres of state endowment trust land, generating income for the beneficiaries a number of ways: the sale of timber; leases for grazing, farming, conservation, commercial buildings, recreational homesites, and mining; and earnings from invested funds.

‍OSHA – Occupational Safety & Health Administration

By many measures, logging is among the most dangerous occupations in the United States. This link provides information on OSHA’s rules regarding logging safety.

‍Idaho Logging Safety – Idaho Division of Building Safety

The Logging Safety Program works in cooperation with the Idaho Industrial Commission and in concert with loggers and logging contractors throughout Idaho to promote safety and safety awareness. The program also provides essential safety training at the request of contractors. Program representatives are available to help loggers address a wide range of on-the-job safety issues with the goal of providing workable solutions in a timely manner. The Idaho State Logging Safety staff inspect logging operations for compliance with the Idaho Minimum Safety Standards for Logging and are available to advise contractors on ways to meet the state and OSHA logging safety requirements. Idaho’s Logging Safety Rules can be found here.

‍Idaho Board of Scaling Practices

The Idaho Board of Scaling Practices is an independent state agency attached to the Idaho Department of Lands for administrative purposes. The primary purpose of the Board is to enforce log scaling standards prescribed by statute and regulations.  The Board tests and licenses scaling practitioners and subjects them to routine, unannounced check scales to assure proficiency.  Statutes also assign the Board with the duties of log brand registration and the disposition of prize (abandoned) logs.

‍Idaho Department of Labor

The Idaho Department of Labor is a leader in generating quality jobs and maintaining an educated, skilled work force that serves as the foundation of strong communities with vibrant, diversified and expanding economies .The Department is committed to ensuring access to a comprehensive menu of quality services and information for all customers and partners. Services range from helping businesses recruit employees to helping job seekers.