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Loggers - Who Are They?

Facts About Idaho Loggers and Idaho Forests

Idaho Loggers go to work every day because each year the average American uses 43 cubic feet of wood and 681 pounds of paper. That is over a ton of wood each year or the equivalent of one 100-foot tall tree, 18 inches in diameter.

These products begin with a tree.

Idaho Loggers work hard to bring these products to you while helping to ensure that a healthy forest continues to grow.

Logging is hard work and a proud profession. Idaho loggers take pride in the work they do to provide wood products for Americans while doing their part to manage our forests for today and tomorrow.

Loggers are highly skilled and utilize high-tech equipment on the job.

As Loggers, we work to help foresters implement plans to keep our forests growing strong and healthy while at the same time utilizing the material harvested for the products we each use daily.

Idaho law requires replanting after an area has been logged. Loggers support this law. Each year over 18 million seedlings are hand-planted in the Idaho forest while Mother Nature plants millions more.

What Are Some of the Current Economics Stats of the Logging & Forest Products Industry?

Idaho forest products Industry ranks 8th out of all states in lumber production!

Almost all wood harvested in Idaho, is processed in Idaho.

84% of all primary wood products are exported out of the state.

Idaho forest products companies sold 1.65 billion dollars of primary wood and paper products in 2012.

Forest industry wages totaled $383 million in 2012.
This is 1.7 percent of all labor wage income in Idaho.

Our independent logging and hauling contractor businesses are all family owned and operated and are the backbone of Idaho's forested rural communities.

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