Here’s your Weekly WrapUp of industry news! Stay informed! Stay Logger Strong!

COURT REPORT: Attorneys for the Alliance for the Wild Rockies and the U.S. Forest Service peddled dueling arguments before a Ninth Circuit panel over whether a block of an Idaho logging project in grizzly bear territory should stand. More HERE

PACKAGE DEAL: The USDA Forest Service’s Forest Products Laboratory is developing prototype packaging products from wood that could one day become an equivalent alternative to current plastic packaging. More HERE

SOFT AND STRONG: Ever wonder why trees are used for many paper products – like toilet paper – rather than strictly recycled paper or hemp? More HERE

MARKET NEWS: Despite its epic fall since March, lumber could be about to surge once again, experts say. More HERE

NO BOUNDARIES FORESTRY: Idaho is addressing more than 6 million acres of Idaho forestlands that are designated as high-risk for potential catastrophic wildfire and insect and disease outbreaks. More HERE